Monday, January 09, 2006

new things i discovered over break: This Heat (shit!), Trapped in the Closet. i saw Brokeback Mountain and liked it very much. Tim Berne--hail. reread some Borges.

we are working with a new bassist called Andres. no telling where things will lead, but he will be joining us on February 10th at Cake Shop. Drayton Sawyer Gang, Modern Day Urban Barbarians and Time of Orchids will also be there.

music critic music critic hmmm...

best of '05 list was Deerhoof, Locust, Sunn O))), Mostly Other People Do the Killing, Coptic Light, Orthrelm, Matthew Welch, Superwolf, Big Business and Sicbay.

People is a definite but i wasn't allowed.

the two best shows i saw were probably Peter Evans solo at Spark, Mostly Other People at CBs and Cheer-Accident at Lit. ok, so three shows.

things move very slowly with Stay Fucked. but they move.