Tuesday, July 06, 2004

two nice reviews of the CD have come in, from Splendid and Aversionline. thank you to those people for taking the time to think about our songs.

a really good show, starring The Drayton Sawyer Gang, Death Pool, Bat Eats Plastic, and Timber, happened at the Knitting Factory Tap Bar last Wednesday; where were you? highlights for me included the DSG's ass-kicking (and occasionally bluesy) new material; Ninni and Andrya's (of DP) insane, post-language repartee; BEaP's noise-wash guitar excursions; and Phil Kennedy's (Timber) unbelievably slamming and creative percussion work (i challenge you to find a more precise or unique drummer in NYC rock). all of these bands come highly recommended by SF and are linked to the right--->>>

am enjoying the following CDs:

*Shades of Love by Walt Dickerson (the glow and pitter-patter of solo vibes. yes!)
*Flight of the Behemoth by Sunn 0))) (abstracted doom. crackling, massive, and rich.)
*Spring of 2 Blue J's by Cecil Taylor (a tough nut, but worth cracking.)

and these vids:

*Spider Man 2 - i honestly believe that this rivals the first Batman, arguably the best of the action/romance/superhero pics.

*The Office - first season ONLY; second season is depressing and generally unfunny. some of this shit is really funny, but can leave you depressed if you have a shitty job (or, um, no job).