Thursday, October 30, 2003

lots and lots of good (lots) shows. lots. coptic light at lucky cat. u.f.c.k. yes.

black flag - process of weeding out (instrumental. bill stevenson = punk god.)

HaLLLLLowweeen w/ stay fucked:

hank - yuppie asshole
tom - dead cheerleader
joe - henry kissinger.

sleepy after excellent lightning bolt show at 169 spencer last nite. we all loved the shit. usaisamonster was pretty damn cool as well.

excitement mounts for next wednesday's (11/5) takeover:

stay fucked / behold... the arctopus / wolf vs. / the planet the
@ knitting factory tap bar (74 Leonard St.)
7 p.m.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

rock things i am loving:

rush in rio (new 3-disc live shit. perfect.)

the party of helicopters - please believe it (weird, slightly proggy, chunky riffs and a distant falsetto. completely addictive. thank you matt lucas.)

wipers - box set (this contains their first three albums, all dating from the early '80's. gorgeous, scary punk. the misfits for adults? fuck that. gorgeous! esp. the track "No Fair." download immediately and then order the whole thing from

rock thing to add to list below of my favorites:

kill creek - st. valentine's garage (pure and furious power-pop from my hometown, kansas city. scott born, songwriter and lyricist, is smart as fuck and his voice is filled with pure dirt and soul. nowhere near new york. read my review at then check out the band here.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

i was writing about my favorite albums, and it got erased.

- paul simon's s/t debut - makes me wish i played a portable, let alone melodic, instrument; not a single skippable track on here. i started writing about how this record is timeless, but that doesn't really make sense. it's post-modern folk music mixed w/ really creative production values (the instrumentation is different on every track) and a sly sense of humor. the song structures are unpredictable, the lyrics are thought-provoking and often just plain weird, and the whole thing has a bittersweet, yet somewhat detached vibe that foreshadows shit like "still crazy."

- the band's stage fright - a somewhat ripened, mellowed, daresay diluted band, but the music is still gorgeous. i would say the s/t brown album, but there's some tracks on there i just can't get into.

- craw's lost nation road - just listen to it here. this is my favorite "extreme music" (i.e. metal, what-have-you) album ever.

hopefully joe and tom will write some crap up here too someday.

see y'all. i'm going to Texico (i.e. Mexas).

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

ok, so it's not exactly a tour, but...


NYC - Knitting Factory Tap Bar on 11/5/03 w/ tHEpLANETtHE


PHILLY - The Rotunda (@ Penn U. - 4012 Walnut) on 11/7/03 w/ aXhERON

feel the burn.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

if you want to understand shit, go here and listen to the first 10 minutes or so of the 8/14/03 show; you'll need real audio.

"My name is Prick Baxter."
"I'll bet you are!"
ok, "Rush in Rio" was fucking great- a complete (there was even an intermission!), 3 hr. Rush concert on the big screen; i've never air-drummed with such zest or for such an extended period. i was thinking about rush (duh) while i was watching, and it's funny b/c they are the only band that's been around as long as they have (about 25 years) who are still going strong w/ original members and regularly releasing new records that actually measure up to their vintage shit. in other words, they are the only "classic" rock band who haven't become a pale facsimile of their original selves (or am i forgetting someone?). it seems to me that all of their contemporaries have bit the dust, victims of either ROK excess or death or what have you, while rush is still out there playing arenas like it's 1979 or something. god bless you, geddy, alex, and neil; you will always be "closer to [my] heart" than all but one or two others.

jesus- big apologies to joe and tom for barfing all over our band website like that. 'scuse me, guys!

went to the knitting factory to hang posters for our 11/5 show. there were a lot of people there. CMJ? i'm not going to any CMJ shit, not b/c i'm not interested, but b/c i'm going to be out-of-town this weekend. enjoy hella, orthrelm, and the rest. i have a big problem w/ the fact that someone in the V. Voice labeled orthrelm "Lightning Bolt-lite"; that's just stupid and ignorant. no offense to the bolt, but there is not a band on earth who could make orthrelm sound lite.

Monday, October 20, 2003

having finished "Please Kill Me," i re-plunge into "Easy Riders, Raging Bulls," the bible of '70s sinema. tom's back from chicago; joe went to connect the cut.
had dinner w/ an old friend tonight, and it made me happy; thanks and best to you, though you'll never read this.

monk. trying to download brilliant corners (i'm ashamed to admit it, but i really only know the title track) as i type. wonder how monk himself would feel about me getting his music for free off the internet. just listened to trane w/ monk and trane plays a lot, maybe too much; i want to hear how sonny rollins handles the job.

put some flyers up today for the 11/5 show on st. marks and ludlow and ave. a. is there any point to this? i had a nice walk in any event listening to vaz (pallid death-rock) and scratch acid (pre-lizard yow: yes!). i wish i had a scanner because these flyers (featuring a green arnie face) are my favorite that i've ever done. watch for new ones starring ben affleck and/or matthew perry, the latest SF mascots.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

things i wish i wuz in town for: goomi at starfoods this thurzday (feat. arctopus, hotels, and touchdown) and forking orthrelm and others at the knit on friday.

we play soon--> wed, 11/5 at the knit tappy bar w/ the ubiquitous and excellent arctopus, wolf vs., and the planet the.
the end of "Please Kill Me" is depressing; everyone dies.

matt and andrew's party (at our new practice space in LIC!) was fly last night. i got a headache though and had to go home. nevertheless, the healthy attendance and good vibes were inspiring.

"thelonious monk: american composer" - not a bad documentary. watch for potent interview footage of the towering and compassionate Randy Weston, not to mention a totally sick and subtle Monk dance during a Charlie Rouse solo.

Saturday, October 18, 2003

tom's in chicago. joe slept on the floor last night cuz the red sox lost. if you heard some assholes screaming toto's africa and JT's rock yr body in the east village last night, it was us.
our new album on dreamworks is selling like hotcakes.
today i / we glistened to

psi - black american flag (scratchy electro-acoustic improv by fritz welch, jaime fennelly, and chris forsyth. it's kind of scary and ominous, and also very scratchy. they're playing at tonic on 11/20, and 'twill be hott.)

melvins - bullhead (kicks shit. i love buzz's slurry, spitty vocals at the end of boris and at the beginning of #6, whatever it's called. also there's: "when man's only distant relative / has descended on us all..." from the cow song.)

lightning bolt - wonderful rainbow (a beautifully recorded document- gleaming and teeming with oscillation and weight.)

orthrelm - a live performance that i got off soulseek (holy crap and what the fuck. i like this better than their albums b/c the drums sound better. this stuff is completely absurd in the best way. i guess music had to come to this at some point; well, it really didn't HAVE to, but it's cool that it did.)


jon pareles dissed the new strokes album in the NY Times today. i have to say there's a few good songs on it that you should at least download, and they are numbers 1,2,4, and 5. a lot of it is really annoying and schmaltzy, but those are good IMO.


it's cold today, and we're going to matt lucas's party in long island city at the place where we will be commencing to rehearse presently. phil kennedy is le sick drummer- we all love his style -, and his other band (he's in timber, fool!), jackson plastic is going to play for us.


does anyone want to go see the premiere of the new rush DVD ("Rush in Rio") at union square w/ me on tuesday? i didn't fucking think so.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

newest song titles by us:

3) "The sun has set and Yom Kippur draws to a close." [thanks to bruce at DMG for this gem.]

6) "hard, stonelike nutlets" [see contest below.]

9) "I have been listening to each Masada studio cd and thinking what a marvelous book of songs that John Zorn has given us." [no, this one did NOT come from DMG.]

1) "Milford crawled under Zorn's legs and lifted Zorn up as Zorn continued to wail on sax." [don't ask.]

0) "Zorn ZORN ZONRZORN ZORN!!!!!!!!!!"

4) "Pay up, Norbis." [props to Ben Young.]
stay fucked webbed poll: what motivates you? our first responder, colin from behold... the arctopus, is motivated largely by hunger.
1) i just found out that art blakey has a song called "falafel," so this is a difficult time for me.

2) also, i just got back from the time of orchids and behold... the arctopus show at N6. i beheld no arctopi, but mike "that ought to stop yr hi-jinks!" lerner did cut his hair off, so he looks more like one than he did before. both of these bands used and abused me proper. the rhythm section of time of orchids is like a trampoline off which you may bounce like a child. "you will be reincarnated as an imperial attack spacefalafel" by arctopod is also quite bouncy, especially that totally infectious aerobics riff (4 all y'all real fanz) in the middle that makes me want to do pilates.

band people - such as tim from the sickly hares, blake from ho smells, and matt from smack fuck - represented in large quantities, so it was fun cuz i got to meet real people that play instruments for real. actually, none of them would talk to me, but i SAW them.

3)STYA UFcKED / BEHOLD... THE ARcTOPUS / WOLF VS. / THE PLANET THE ---> coming soon (Wednesday, 11/5/03) to a Knitting Factory Tap Bar near you.

4) anyone who guesses what word matches this definition gets a Croco-Stimpy plush toy:
"any of a genus of plants of the borage family, with yellow or orange flowers and [pay very close attention to this part!] hard, stonelike nutlets." yes, that said "nutlets."

please email all guesses to also, we want yr skulls; nay, we NEED yr skulls.

5) have you heard Jandek? hear Jandek. see link over here--->

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Detective? You tell me do things, and I- running, and -
Thanks Lit you come show for it be!

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Do the Amish make bathroom?

Monday, October 13, 2003

Last minute show: we'll be playing tomorrow night (Tuesday, 10/14) at the Lit Lounge (93 2nd Avenue btwn. 5th and 6th in Manhattan) w/ X the Owl, Red Card, and Tristan da Cunha.
We go on first, at 9; should be cheap. We were drafted to fill the very large and heavy shoes of Snack Truck, whom we hope are OK.

If you want to email Stay Fucked, you can do so at

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Our music is still available at The site has this dumb feature where they ask you to register when you listen, so when the form comes up, just lie about everything; make sure to say you're at least 18 though b/c our songs have fucking adult content.
Hi, we're just trying this out. This is (I guess) the Stay Fucked web page. Stay Fucked is playing at the Knitting Factory Tap Bar on Wednesday, 11/5/03 w/ our pals Behold... the Arctopus and Wolf Vs., as well as the mysterious The Planet The. The show starts at 7 and costs $6.