Monday, November 29, 2004

also, there is no Tom, there is only Zool.

we finally found a bass player. he is our bass player, thank fucking god. his name is B-E-N; he spells it "Ben." he's really good and is a boy. he is also in The Isles, who are friendly and good.

Dwight Gooden

Sunday, November 28, 2004

recent (or impending) reunions:
Gang of Four
Sex Pistols
Mission of Burma
New Edition [you know, fucking Ronnie Bivins, Bobby Brown, et al]
Hoover [the one i'm most happy/optimistic about]
Black Sabbath
Revolutionary Ensemble
Morbid Angel [David Vincent has rejoined.]
Helmet [one original member]
Don Caballero [same deal]
Slayer [Dave Lombardo has rejoined.]
The Stooges
Simon & Garfunkel
Samhain [1999 tour + Glenn is now playing w/ Doyle from The Misfits.]
Minutemen [minus D. Boon, of course]
Beefheart's Magic Band [minus Beefheart]
New York Art Quartet

also, i feel like the recent release of Brian Wilson's Smile merits mention in this regard. additions are welcomed at it all seems strange to me. Happy Thanksgiving. bass is closer than ever.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

bass is a question mark.

if you're not going away for Thanksgiving, go see Archaeopteryx, Dysrhythmia and Early Man at The Knitting Factory (Old Office, i think) on Saturday, 11/27. also, Birthday Boyz play Northsix (basement) this Friday, 11/19.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

things w/ the band are moving more slowly than we would like, but they're moving at least. bassizsts- well actually, A bassiszt- are still being screened, probed, what have you.

fell down Jandek hole again and am Ready for the House.

Deerhoof live. what the fuck.

the movie Quiz Show.

Death Pool R.I.P.

i heard Ralph Nader was anti-Semitic. can someone enlighten me?

there's a new book coming out on the history of death metal and grindcore, and it's just ok, so don't spend too much money on it; if you want to read it, let me know, and i'll lend you my promo copy. the best anecdote is about Pete "Commando" Sandoval, drummer of Morbid Angel, who practices double-bass until he passes out in a pool of his own sweat, then wakes up and continues practicing through the night.

and yes, folks, Movie will be Movie.