Saturday, October 23, 2004

Nage Mutant / Ja Turtles

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

coordinated Friendly Bears link w/ their new page and added Dynasty link. Dynasty is Seth, who recorded our CD, and Jen, who screamed a little bit on it.
Ben and Tony are Archaeopteryx, one of the more fun and frothy acts around. i'm sure i had their link up here before, but it went away, so it's here again.

in other news, i just hit my funnybone on a drawer and it hurts. i'm also watching Mean Girls, and the female lead is very pretty.
feel like I've been writing a lot of hyperbole on here lately, but Zs is an absolutely incredible band: 3 pairs of --respectively-- tenor saxes, guitars and drumkits; they sit ritualistically in a circle illuminated only by the night-lights on their music stands and hammer out choppy, propulsive, brain-bending sounds-- lots of repetition w/ subtle changes, extreme dynamics, and frighteningly tight unison parts. sometimes they sound kind of like a sped-up and rock-powered version of modern classical Minimalism, but this shit is totally maximal. i'm extremely impressed. don't know how it would hold up on record, but make sure you go on 10/13 to the Troubleman CMJ thing at NorthSix to see them (along w/ two other must-sees-if-you-haven't-already: Octis, and Behold... the Arctopus). link to Zs is now over there.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

also, some great new music by our quease-rocking friends Death Pool is up on their site (follow link to the right); try "Declaration of Pussy Warfare."

and if you haven't heard that new Arctopus mp3 -- "Sensory Amusia" -- yet, it completely wastes face (translation: it is Good), especially the Phish-style (ha ha) fusion breakdown. Arcto link is also to the right. while you're there, give a shout out to Colin Marston-- one of the biggest Phish-heads you'll ever meet!
uh, Bob Dylan has an autobiography. i'll see you in a week.

Melvins album of the week: The Bootlicker - crisp, magic, mysterious POP. Dale's drums and little percussion gestures are smooth, subtle and righteous and further proof of his unparalleled artistry and mastery. if you don't know any of the 'vins stuff on Ipecac, i suggest downloading "The Green Manalishi With The Two-Pronged Crown," a cover of (i think) a Jefferson Airplane song from The Maggot; it will give you an idea of how totally PRO these guys have become of late. hail.

yeah, about that Octis show-- fuck yeah. please make sure that you see Mick Barr play when you get a chance; it's fascinating and inspiring. Noxagt is a refreshingly heavy and straightforward rock force; i wouldn't go TOO far out of my way to check them out, but if they're opening for someone or something, get there early.

btw, BassBot X3 hath been summoned to the holding chamber.

Sunday, October 03, 2004