Monday, November 24, 2003

quietude, mostly. tom's flat out supine in sickness; wish him well. joe and i will be playing a FIVE-MINUTE SET as a duo next friday, 12/5/03 at an ignivomous event in the N6 basement. 10 bands, including the mighty Octis, will play such quickies starting promptly at 10 and ending promptly at 11.

cool. recording imminent. happy 'key.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

lucky cat. death pool - imagine if the white stripes got gangrene and started limping around and raving in tongues. timber - catchy and tight as an airlock as usual. check both out please. i go home now.

Saturday, November 08, 2003

back philadelphia new york. yr mouth mouth mouth mouth mouth she said.

2 good shows. we like the planet the and keep listening to their songs. knitting factory.

we travel to philadelphia. thanks are in order to dan, jesse, julius from wolf vs. rotunda is good place to play. we like arctopus for hearing as well. we see snack truck who there reside. we eat turkey and watch wizards.

we resty for awhile. record imminent. love.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

late. not tired. does anyone want to teach me to play blast beats for more than 8 seconds?
ok, so joe was actually a middle-aged woman, not henry kissinger.

coptic light played again tonight. i really, really like coptic light. the thing they have in common w/ orthrelm (who also played tonight and whom i also really like) is that you have to adjust your rock ears when listening. both bands use loud guitars and drums, but they don't use them just to rock; they both abstract rock, albeit in really different ways. ok, this is getting a little out there, but they make a really interesting comparison. to make jazz parallels, coptic light is more trane and elvin, while orthrelm is more evan parker and john stevens. just go see either of them if you get the chance, cuz it's interesting shit whether or not you like it.

**come to THE knitting factory on wednesday come to the knitting factory ON wednesday**