Monday, August 09, 2004

Joe is apparently back in the States, but he hasn't called me. J, if you're reading this, call me so we can reactivate.

fun Aa show on Saturday, w/ co-stars Orthrelm, Arctopus, The Body, and Fast Forward. Orthrelm is really an amazing band that everyone should see if they have the chance. Same goes for Arctopus. Aa (w/ me) plays again this Wednesday, 8/11 at The Hook. check for details. also, the Aa LP is out now on Narnack, so check that out.

fun also to see our former leader, Ted "Theodore" Logan, mixing it up w/ his new outfit The Octagon (also featuring polymathic drum whiz Will Glass) @ the 169 Bar last Thursday. they're linked over there to the right. Isles moved it as well, esp. w/ the song "Fuck" which i think is really catchy. they play this Tuesday, 8/10 at Lit w/ the impressive Goodnight Gunfight. examine links.