Monday, February 16, 2004

cd's soon. inquiries to

show history:

Thursday, 2/12/04 @ Otto’s Shrunken Head w/ Jackson, Rahim

Friday, 12/5/03 @ NorthSix basement – “Weapons of Phi Phenomena” w/ Octis, Dyke Guido Tard Party, The Letter M, etc. [duo show – 5 minute performance of “‘Cool Story, Hansel.’ ‘Thanks, Olaf’” medley]

Friday, 12/7/03 @ The Rotunda (Philadelphia) w/ Behold... the Arctopus, Wolf Vs., Ax Heron

Wednesday, 12/5/03 @ The Knitting Factory Tap Bar w/ Behold... the Arctopus, Wolf Vs., The Planet The

Tuesday, 10/14/03 @ Lit Lounge w/ X the Owl, Tristan da Cunha, Red Card

Sunday, 10/5/03 @ Meow Mix w/ Hieronymus Bosch, Cross Bow, The Debutantes

Wednesday, 9/24/03 @ IV South w/ Russell Baker/Adam Caine, Ben Simon (feat. Kevin Shea)

Wednesday, 9/17/03 @ Local w/ Wolf Vs., Timber, Snack Truck

Saturday, 8/2/03 @ NorthSix basement w/ Friendly Bears, Behold... the Arctopus, The Desperation, Time of Orchids

Monday, 7/21/03 @ The Tritone (Philadelphia) w/ Wolf Vs., Barnacled

Saturday, 6/28/03 @ The Friendship House (Philadelphia) w/ Aa, This Invitation, et al

Friday, 6/27/03 @ The Infrared Lounge w/ White Limo, The Drayton Sawyer Gang

Saturday, 4/26/03 @ Local w/ Snack Truck, Fur Cups for Teeth, Guts

Saturday, 4/12/03 @ The Infrared Lounge w/ The Star Band, The Nightsticks [duo show]

Monday, 4/7/03 @ The Stinger w/ Lesser Lewis, Guitar Situations, et al [duo show]

Friday, 1/31/03 @ The Charleston w/ The Kerfaines, The Star Band, The Hill Climb

Friday, 1/17/03 @ The Charleston w/ Timber, Radio Raheem

Tuesday, 12/10/02 @ The West End w/ Doveman, Timber, et al

???day, ??/??/02 @ The West End w/ Kofi Burni, The Natural History

Friday, February 13, 2004

thank you very, very much for Otto's; it was really fun. special thanks to Phil, Ryan, and Mike (who set the thing up) of Rahim; Miles, Dan, and Phil of Jackson; and Andrew Geller, who volunteered to record our set.

now go see our friends play:

Timber - next Wednesday, 2/18 at the Knit Old Office w/ The Fugue, feat. Ben G. of fucking Devastator
People (Mary Halvorson and Kevin Shea) - next Saturday, 2/21 at Newsonic Headquarters
The Friendly Bears / Time of Orchids - Tuesday, 2/24 at the Bowery Poetry Club
Behold... the (fucking) Arctopus - Sunday, 2/29 in the basement of NorthSix.

Monday, February 02, 2004

finally, the farewell show materializes:

STAY FUCKED w/ Jackson (formerly Jackson Plastic) and Rahim (formerly Radio Rahim- notice a pattern?)
at Otto's Shrunken Head - 538 E. 14th bet. Aves. A & B

Thursday, 2/12 at 10 p.m. sharp

we would love to see you there.