Thursday, May 26, 2005

off the top of my head, the best live bands i've ever seen (in no particular order):

Boredoms - last fucking night at Bowery. this was just monumental. i mean really.
don't be surprised if you notice a cloud of inspiration hanging over the city
for a few months
Hella - a while ago at N6 (when they played w/ Quasi)
Orthrelm - every time i've seen them (and Octis at Tommmy's w/ Luttenbachers and at
Kingsland w/ Growing)
Craw - in Kansas City and Lawrence many many times when i was a junior and senior in
high school. i am very sad that everyone doesn't get to see them. RIP.
Grand Ulena - a while ago at b.p.m.
Deerhoof - at N6 last year
Slint - at Irving Plaza a few months ago

i'll think of more. don't cook your brain and sell it for pumice.


Sunday, May 08, 2005

i hope you still read this.

we will be recording with a guy named Colin, whom you might know from a little band called Behold... the [fucking] Arctopus. we will be doing this in July.

thanks for coming to the show at Asterisk and thanks to Matthias Lucas and Julie for making it. and thanks People, Dynasty, Lycaon Pictus, the Mistakes, Dave the Swede for the interview and the artists for their artistry.

lately: David S. Ware, Ray Charles, Jacob Slichter's "So You Wanna Be a Rock and Roll Star" (a book about being a one-hit wonder by the drummer of Semisonic).

Tap Into the Power.